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Add rich imagery to your environment with Fine Art Metal Work. FINE ART METALWORK is a division of Cramblit's Welding.  Our metalwork creations run the gamut from simply beautiful to absolutely incredible. We work with our customers to produce lasting impressions of personal taste and character. Our in-house artist assures that all art designs are exclusive to FINE ART METALWORK. We will also work from the customer's sketches or photos. Our manufacturing process allows us to produce the most complex shapes and designs while retaining the integrity of the steel. Choose from hundreds of already created images or we will custom design anything you can dream up.

Our products are meant to last, providing many years of enjoyment. Fine Art Metal Work is produced from heavy plate steel. Hardware and accessories are of the highest quality.

FINE ART METALWORK products are finished with powder coating, assuring maximum durability and minimal maintenance. Available in many colors and textures, Powder Coat finishes are unbeatable for indoors or out. Ten times more durable than paint, Powder coating is resistant to chemicals and will not fade or deteriorate under UV light. Environmentally friendly, it does not emit harmful fumes and is virtually pollutant free. Powder Coat finishes provide high levels of protection from salt, chemicals, humidity, scratching, and impact. We also offer hand applied natural patinas for a rugged, weatherworn look. Patinas are protected with a durable clear finish.

Fine Art Metal Work is perfect for the home, estate, ranch or farm, the business, office, lodge or camp. We do not mass-produce so we do not offer a catalog. Each piece is unique, customized to suit the customer's personal taste and needs. We can create anything the customer can dream up, from simple silhouettes to intricately detailed scenes, from the rugged to the finely ornate to the whimsical. Excellent workmanship and attention to detail guarantees that our products will satisfy the most discriminating customer.

We ship anywhere in the Continental US.



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Fine Art Metalwork
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Fine Metal Works of Gates, Railings, Fences, Security Gates, Chandeliers, Wall Sconces, Deck & Yard Lights, Wall Art, Yard Art, House Numbers, Signage, Balcony Panels, Deck Panels, Privacy Screens, Fire Screens. in Ironwood, Michigan